embrace childhood with wren and james + giveaway!

The spirit of Wren & James is all about carefree childhood and creating memories. The designs of the Pinafore dress and Peter Pan top are classic and nostalgic, reminiscent of a time when kids and parents were free to play together without the pressures of creating a “pinworthy” moment. The vintage look reminds us to embrace childhood and the carefree innocence that goes along with it.


It is that spirit of childhood that inspired us to launch #embracechildhoodwithwrenandjames. Think back to when you were a child. What do you remember most? What experiences bring a smile to your face? Can you remember the joy you felt in those moments? Wren & James encourages you to recreate those experiences with your own children so that they can feel that same sense of joy and wonder that you once felt.


Need some inspiration? Try one of these activities:

  • Eat a picnic lunch at the park.
  • Go berry picking at a local farm or pick apples at a local orchard in the fall.
  • Introduce them to your favorite hobby. Even young toddlers can learn something about baking, gardening, crafting or sewing.
  • Make art together.
  • Make music.
  • Attend a star party and explore the night sky as a family.
  • Run through a sprinkler.
  • Watch your favorite childhood movie. Point out the best parts throughout.
  • Attend a sporting event.
  • Go hiking, camping, canoeing-just explore nature.
  • Get on eBay and find some of your favorite toys or board games that you played with as a child. A lot of older toys and games are still sold today. Even better, dig through the attic to find the originals that you played with.

All parents know that sometimes kids just do not get excited about outings or activities. Don’t get discouraged if your kids don’t embrace the experience at first. Just plan something else to do. The important part is spending time together, getting to know each better and having fun! No matter how it goes, remember to embrace the moment.


Gather up your children, and go make memories that will last a lifetime. Take a quick second to snap a photo (then get back to the fun!), and share it on Instagram using #embracechildhoodwithwrenandjames. Each month we would like to feature a photo and story from one of YOU on our blog. We would love to share your experiences and inspire other parents to create memories with their children. On the last day of every month, we will choose a winning photo from Instagram. Winners will be contacted to be interviewed for a blog post and will receive a $50 store credit to Wren & James! A new winner will be chosen each month, so be sure to post lots of memories, tag us, and use #embracechildhoodwithwrenandjames.


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