Our Story

It started with my daughter. She inspired me to create the dresses and peter ­pan tops that became Wren & James, but maybe I should go back even further. I have been designing clothing for as long as I can remember – you could definitely say I have a life long love affair with fashion and design. I even moved to New York City just after high school to study fashion design.

It wasn't long after my first daughter was born that I began designing clothing for her. Within a year of making my first outfit for her I was getting requests from friends and people in my neighborhood to make the same out­fit for their kids. From there, it was a natural progression into rediscovering my passion for design and fashion but with a renewed purpose. I have always loved the classic silhouettes of vintage dresses. There is a strong sense of childhood and play in Wren & James – I wanted to capture that feeling of nostalgia and wonder with my designs. This lead me to create a vintage aesthetic in mind. This simple Idea became Wren & James.