Tips for a Successful Pop-Up Shop & Baby Cubby Pop-up Recap

Tips for a Successful Pop-Up Shop & Baby Cubby Pop-up Recap

A sampling of pinnies

Wren & James recently had the honor of participating in a pop-up shop at Baby Cubby in Lindon, Utah. It was so exciting to be featured among other beautiful, timeless brands including Little Sapling Toys and Mon Petit Shoes. We had a great time meeting with customers face-to-face and hearing their experiences with our clothing.

Little Sapling Toys

Pop-up shops are not just a fun excuse to get out and mingle; they are a huge opportunity for small business owners. They allow entrepreneurs who primarily sell online to sell their products in a physical store. New customers can experience products first hand, instead of relying on photos alone, and this translates into big sales. According to the website Storefront, pop-up shops will earn $80 billion this year. How can online retailers leverage this growing trend to gain more sales? Below we share our best tips for participating in a successful pop-up shop.

Choose the right venue.  If you are setting up in an existing business, be sure that it aligns with your brand. Your items should feel as though they belong in the store. If customers wouldn't expect to find you there, then your target audience probably won't find you there.

Pop-Up Shop at Baby Cubby

Choose the right time. The holidays are always a great time to participate in a pop-up shop, but depending on your product, other times of the year can be just as lucrative. Back-to-school is a perfect time to sell children's clothing and accessories, as well as paper and office products. Home furnishings sell well as gifts during wedding and graduation season. The right time can also be when launching a new product line. Your customers will be excited to be the first to see and purchase your items offline.

Be ready to chat. Practice your "elevator speech" so that you can share the best traits of your products with potential clients. Be ready to brag on your items. You never know what tidbit might resonate with someone and turn them into a lifelong customer.

Be creative. Are there lots of empty storefronts in your community? Ask to rent one short term at a discounted rate. Most landlords would be happy to have a tenant. Can't find an existing business to partner with? Look for other online retailers near you to partner with. Do you want to use the pop-up shop to reach online customers, too? Offer a discount to in store customers when they do a social media shout-out at the time of purchase.

If you are an online retailer who has participated in a pop-up shop, tell us about it in the comments. Share your best tips and success stories to inspire others below!

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