Behind the scenes of our Spring/Summer photoshoot

Behind the scenes of our Spring/Summer photoshoot

This was probably the most fun we've had on a photoshoot. Everything and everyone involved did an amazing job bringing it all together (even the weather was cooperative). Our little models could not have been any cuter! And each of them took direction like a pro. It was miraculous that we didn't have any melt-downs during the shoot (melt-downs and tantrums are usually just “a given” when working with little kids. You plan for them. No need for that here apparently!). Props to all of the model moms:) and a special thanks to Michelle from MyLittleBelleVille for her help in styling our models.

We were looking forward to this shoot for a while – and it did not disappoint. There were a lot of first-time collaborations on this project that we are excited about. Foodstirs helped inspire the shoot and provided a fun activity for the girls during the shoot.

Samatha Broderick jumped right in to capture the energy and fun of that day. We wanted to work with Samantha for her playful style and her natural ability produce detailed, candid shots – she delivered.

This was also the first time we've ever done an official “behind the scenes” to document all of the magic going on behind the polished photos. Beth Fielding  got right in the action to give us a glimpse of just how much work goes into even a small project like this. Not only did she skillfully capture all of the raw footage from the shoot, she also took it with her and went full-on documentary director on us to produce this fantastic behind-the-scenes look into this project.

And of course, none of this would have been possible without Merrilee Liddiard from Mer Mag. I think we found a kindred spirit. We were so inspired by all of the work and care they have put into their beautiful home which provided the perfect backdrop for our little photoshoot. From Merrilee's  original artwork and crafts throughout the space, to the care and attention given to every step of improving the space itself, they have made this house their own. I feel like I know them just a little bit better for it.

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible – we had a blast!

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