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It has been such an honor to have Kiley, owner and designer here at Wren and James, share her favorite products as a Guest Editor for the online daily deals shop, Brickyard Buffalo. Take a look at her most beloved shops and don't miss your chance to get exclusive deals of each of these shops at Brickyard Buffalo

First, Salis Skincare has the dreamiest organic skincare products. Made with all natural products they are a chemical free skincare line. Made with essential oils each product smells divine. The salt scrub is hands down the best daily facial scrub around. It cleans the skin without being aggressive and irritating. Then natural oils within the scrub adds moisture leaving the skin so soft. It's a Kiley favorite for a good reason. Try it out! 

Next, Tnee's Tpees just can't be beat! The husband and wife team behind this brand create modern and stylized children decor. Being a mom of three busy kids Kiley loves how Tnee's Teppes entertain her active two year old twins. These products are not only a beautiful addition to any kids bedroom but are so functional. They ship fully assembled with no strings or ropes. Your kids will love a Tpee of their own! 

Our next shop, Mikoleon, is incredible. All of their products are, hand-crafted, artisanal, eco-cool, up-cycled, 100% cotton, chemical and dye free, fare trade, reduced CO2, and sustainable! Wow! This is a company Kiley stands behind. Mikolean produces high quality children's wear that is timeless. A personal favorite pick is the Artisan Leather Heirloom Ankle Boot. This is a shoe that will last! 

To round us out, Merrilee Liddiard Shop is the most magical store around. Here handmade dolls and accessories can be found. These dolls come alive in the hands of young girls. The owner Merrillee is an artist in every sense of the word. Share the magic of her creations with the whimsical, creative, and imaginative girls you love! 

Enjoy these shops created by the most creative hardworking people!

Thank you, Brickyard Buffalo! 

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