The Wren & James Linen Pinafore: A Classic Heirloom

The Wren & James Linen Pinafore: A Classic Heirloom

We, at Wren & James are best known for our pinafore dresses, and it is our sincere hope that you and the special little girls who wear them cherish our pieces as heirlooms. Because of this, a lot of time and careful thought go into the design of each new line. It is so important to our owner and designer, Kiley Draper to honor the original nostalgic design.

The pinafore style is one of the most recognized thanks to timeless children's characters such as Alice in Wonderland and Raggedy Ann who wore their pinafores more as aprons or jumpers.


In fact, according to, the pinafore style was originally worn as an apron by women and little girls before becoming a popular dress fashion.

Traditionally pinafore dresses were worn over a top because they were open in the back. The Wren & James pinnie has a more modest design so that it can be worn alone as a sweet summer dress. It looks equally adorable over a sweet top or under a cardigan for the cooler seasons.

The closed back design of the Wren & James pinafore

Using linen for the most recent line of pinnies was a simple choice. The beautiful variations and imperfections in linen evoke a vintage feel, perfect for the timeless pinafore design. It is the ideal fabric for a special heirloom dress because it only gets softer and more beautiful with each wear.

Wren & James linen pinafores make gorgeous heirloom pieces.

Linen is an incredible, natural fabric that is breathable and cool for summer, yet warm in the winter. Our linen pinnies make a gorgeous first day of school dress, and will keep your darling warm into the school year with a sweater and tights. Simply pair the Orchid dress with jewel tones or the Natural and Ivory dresses with goldenrod to give the summery colors a fall look.

Wren & James linen pinafore in Orchid pairs well with a Jade cardigan for fall or winter.

Wren & James linen pinafore in Natural pairs well with goldenrod for autumn.

 All five colors in the linen pinnie collection are available now in the Wren & James shop. Which is the perfect color for your little girl? Tell us in the comments below!


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