What's In A Name?

Take ours, Wren & James, for a hot minute and sec and just how we came up with it. As you all know, one theme was quintessentially smack dab in the middle and all kinds of central when starting this pinafore-based dress business and clothing company -- and that is, was and will always be: family. Wren & James simply wouldn't be if weren't for the husband and wife team, and we mean that quite literally. For the "Wren" in our moniker comes from the middle name of the "her"  and the middle name "James" from the him, and when you put them together and say them aloud, you get the name of our business.

So naturally as we began to grow, boom and progress, we knew we had to get down to the branding and marketing "brass tacks" and create an instantly recognizable logo (that also just so happens to be in and on every tag and checkered dress that you're buying) to go along with and represent our little familial brand so we decided to zero in on the thing that is (figuratively) holding it all together: the ampersand. And with a brother who is an artist and an illustrator and graphic designer at the helm and on board, a wren birdie was born.* One tiny and memorable symbol that just so happens to sit right in the middle.  So to answer the question of what's in a name? Well, pretty much everything, if you're Wren & James.

*And who more than deserve two shout-outs oh so specific and some major two-handed props. So please, give it up for our very own "Wizard of Design," the illustrator divine, Mr. Jeff Carbine without whom our perfect little birdie would never have come to be and for the incomparable fashion designer/artist, Michelle Christensen, whose magical hands drew said fine little feathered (wren) friend.

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